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Choosing the correct real estate agent to sell your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It can be the difference between your home sitting on the market for months or selling quickly, for a premium price. Your home is a very personal, important, and valuable asset, and it can be an emotional and complicated undertaking to sell it, especially in today’s challenging marketplace. Numerous questions and concerns will need to be addressed, and the advice and consultation that you receive can make a tremendous difference in the outcome. We go beyond a advertisement.

Marketing and advertising, upgrading or restoration, photography, digital exposure, staging, videography, timing and presentation, inspections, pre-market exposure, agent influence, networks and relationships, open homes, pricing (especially marketing of price point), and many more nuances and subtleties all make up the difference between failure and a successful sale, and often the difference between a good agent and a great agent. At Casa Nueva, we measure success on your outcome.

Casa Nueva is truly a full-service agency, with everything you need in one-place. We have our own specialist real estate cleaning company, Clean Crew and an in-house digital marketing and content team. Joseph, Paola, Marcos and their team are experienced and have a proven track record of success, in not just selling homes, but achieving phenomenal results for their clients.


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