Deborah Scheitel

Deborah is the latest addition to the Casa Nueva family. Her family in her native Brazil have been in real estate for generations, it was the natural step. She made such a positive impression during the recruitment interview that she was hired on the spot, a decision that none of the ownership has second-guessed since.

With a Business background, Deborah takes a logical and analytical approach to managing the transaction process. Following a needs-based analysis, she puts a plan in place to achieve the desired outcome for clients. Committed to redefining excellence in every aspect of her work, Deborah will do what it takes to get the optimal result for her clients.

A mother of one, Deborah is always smiling and always focused. Her self-belief and desire to continually improve both personally and professionally is hugely endearing and reaps even bigger rewards. She is an asset to Casa Nueva and to her clients.